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A man named Gary Bowers lay gravely ill in hospital with a ruptured pancreas. With his life hanging in the balance, he thought that should he be allowed to get through this terrible time in his life, he would try and do something that would not only give him something to rejoice about, but perhaps would bring joy and fond memories to many other people.

As a child, Gary's favourite program was "Catweazle", and it was this that he chose to bring back to our lives and do a website about. With many people logging onto and signing his guest book, it was deemed to be a success. Then, as someone, who thought that only she was the true lover of Catweazle, Carol Barnes got in touch with Gary and an instant friendship was started.


& king’s farthing

Home Farm

We thought that we would make contact with the owners of ‘Home Farm’ to see if they would allow us to arrange a fan club visit one afternoon in the summer of 2003.

Catweazle Lake

‘Home Farm’ was used as ‘Hexwood’ in the first series, and the barn where Carrot meets Catweazle for the
first time, see our photos below.

Catweazlefanclub Thumnails Catweazlefanclub Thumnails Catweazlefanclub Thumnails

Salmay! Dalmay!! Adonay!!!

The Fan Club was then formed in 2002 by Gary and Carol, because it became obvious that many people had the same fond memories of this wondrous program and were very happy to relive and recall the immense enjoyment, innocence and humour that it had given us all. After getting in touch with the stars and Richard Carpenter for permission to give the club its status, we were on our way! It is amazing to think that at the beginning we were getting excited because we were quite quickly heading towards 50 members.

We thought that that was fantastic at the time. We had discussed the possibility of maybe attracting 100 members at the most. Here we are several years later and have surpassed 1100 members! If we had the income to advertise the club in magazines, cult fairs etc. who knows what the membership could be?

So, if you wish to join us and become a brother or sister in magic, please fill in the membership form by clicking on the link below and you will receive a special members pack!

Our latest news

Itinerary for June 18th - Hexwood

The 50th anniversary is in two parts – the afternoon and the evening. The evening is by ticket and for members only and will go on till quite late. Neil and Bug have graciously said that people can sleep in the barn or in the paddock BUT must NOT leave mess or rubbish about.

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Catweazle 50th Anniversary


I am delighted to tell you that the Catweazle 50th Anniversary (now 52nd!) is going ahead this year on Saturday June 18th.

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50th Anniversary itinerary

Next bulletin coming soon…

So please check in again next week ( I will post on our new facebook page TBC to announce the next bulletin upload too)

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