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This page is for members to have a bit of fun. Here you'll find questions and quizzes etc… this will be updated and changed every month or two for people to check out. We have listed 20 questions, and each month we will have a different member answer them so we can find out a little about each the member behind the name.

Member of the month Q & A

Every month we feature Questions and Answers of one our chosen members who submit their answers. If you would like to submit your answers to the questions answered by this month's member below, please contact us, thank you!

MEMBER | Graham Card

Q | What do you do?
A | Now retired

Q | What are your interests?
A | Eating out, going out for walks, DIY, gardening, enjoying life and helping with The Catweazle Club

Q | Do you have any pets?
A | I have 3 feral cats who have adopted me. They are now quite tame and enjoy being fed twice a day! As a boy I had a shelty dog called Sally. After Sally Thomstt and Sally Geeson

Q | If you could invite 3 celebrities to a private meal with you who would they be?
A | Would have to be the two Sallys and David Jason

Q | What’s your most treasured memory?
A | Probably being at the birth of my son and daughter

Q | Do you have a favourite folk hero?
A | William Wallace because he probably liked a good malt whiskey like me!

Q | What is your claim to fame?
A | Probably getting to know Geoffrey Kip Robin Elspet and Moray

Q | Name your 3 Favourite books?
A | Not much of a book person, but I read To Kill a Mockingbird at school and more recent The Benny Hill Biography

Q | Name 3 favourite musicians or composers?
A | Emerson Lake and Palmer, closely followed by Pink Floyd and Alan Jackson

Q | When did you last cry?
A | Again, when my kids were born

Q | What was your favourite subject at school?
A | Metal work, although I am more at home working with wood.

Q | What trait do you admire in other people?
A | Honesty.

Q | What’s your favourite meal?
A | Fillet Steak with Stilton sauce and the works!

Q | What do you like watching on TV?
A | Don't watch a lot but when I do it is either comedy or documentaries none of that reality tv rubbish!

Q | If you could spend a day in a different century what would it be and why?
A | I would spend it on the Star Ship Enterprise with Jean-Luc Picard in 2475 to see if earth has destroyed itself

Q | If you could do something for the world what would it be?
A | Bring peace to the world

Q | Name someone from history you admire and why?
A | Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Victorian brains and foresight at its best.

Q | What have you done that you are proud of?
A | Well I have donated 74 pints of blood and received my emerald card - Woo Hoo! 100 pints here I come!

July Crossword

Puzzle based on Childrens' 1970s TV programmes


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See if you solve this month's crossword


3. This Peter is what colour

5. What were these races called

6. Who was Bleep's friend

9. ZaZa lived in his house

11. Our favourite wizard

14. A famous bear

16. Name the last banana split - Drooper Snork Bingo and

17. Here come the double

19. Mike Reid hosted this show

23. These had an iron chicken for a friend

24. A program of story telling

25. Help it's The Hair Bear

26. Who was the captain of the black pig


1. What was the name of the hare in Pipkins

2. A spectral hire company

4. What was the name of this green witch

7. What was Johnny's last name in this animal show,

8. A big black and white bird

10. It's 5 O'clock, it's Friday it's

12. This hall was spooky

13. The name of the professor in Bagpuss

14. This street was name after feral birds

15. A Welsh train

18. You will find these on the Common

19. What was Zippy in

20. Who was with The Wheelies

21. This chap was all metal

22. This Sir had many knightly adventures


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