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50th Anniversary

Remembering 50 years of magic


The Catweazle 50th Anniversary day is a celebration and day of remembering 50 years of magic.

Catweazle Lake

We have 100 little plastic toads ready to be given a name by you and a character profile given.

The Original TV Series

It was 5.30pm on Sunday 15th February 1970 when Catweazle dropped in from 1066 with the very first episode ‘The Sun In A Bottle’. Two years of sheer magic followed, but he waved us goodbye all too briefly on Sunday 4th April 1972 in Episode 26, ‘The Thirteenth Sign’. That was the last we saw of him on UK television, apart from the repeats on Sky Television! he was gone but not forgotten...

That was the last we saw of him on UK television, apart from the repeats on Sky Television! he was gone but not forgotten... The mists of time are clearing and his army of brothers and sisters in magic are gathering and swearing on Adamcos that they will bring him back to this time, so that this wondrous wizard can bring forth, merriment, laughter and enjoyment once more to an even greater audience.

Catweazle Tv Series

Praise for our favourite TV show

"Yet another creation from the imaginatively fertile mind of gifted actor/writer Richard Carpenter. Over the course of two seasons and produced by London Weekend Television between 1970-1971, the adventures of the scruffy eccentric 11th century wizard Catweazle, and his efforts to escape the bewildering experiences of being trapped in the 20th century amused and delighted both adults and children alike."

"Played with skill and great charm by the ever excellent Geoffrey Bayldon, Catweazle is an unhygienically manipulative, spoiled, egotistical creation made likeable by his almost child-like sense of wonder at the technological trappings of the modern age in which he initially finds himself trapped, whilst attempting to use magic to discover the means of flight. Seeing the world through Catweazleís eyes, everyday items became things of wonder and excitement."

"To Catweazle even the most basic of everyday objects were astounding, an electric light bulb, referred to as ëelectrickeryí, is the sun itself captured and placed in a bottle by modern magic. Taken for granted by the modern audience a telephone became a ‘telling bone’ and therefore took on a new sense of wonder. The young viewing audience embraced these everyday objects and bestowed upon them the ultimate accolade of becoming school yard catchphrases."


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