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50th Anniversary

This day is a celebration and day of remembering 50 years of magic. It is a day to remember the people who gave us such wonderful days and memories.

The Flying Toad Challenge

Flying Toad Challenge

What is it?

The Flying Toad challenge is going to be a fun exercise for our members to take part in on the 50th anniversary day, whether they attend the 50th or not. We have 100 little plastic toads ready to be given a name and character profile. sponsored by our members and then launched into the challenge on the day.

The Flying Toad Challenge

The cost per toad is £2 and this will go back into prize money for the winner, runner up etc. There is also a trophy that you can add to your garden!

The process text will be the same EXCEPT for the part that says about there will be a prize etc because that's changes and I have mentioned the prize money at this point.

On the day

On the day, the sponsor will be required to compete with another
sponsor, by launching your toad via a sling shot – not an ordinary sling
shot – but a sling shot that requires you to sit down with the sling
shot fired between your legs as in the water bomb sling shot! Not very
elegant. But bound to be fun and entertaining!

The process

The toad that lands the furthest distance away, will be put into the next round with the loser set aside. This process will continue until we get down to the final two toads and we will find our eventual winner then.

Toad Challenge

To sponsor your toad, please fill in the form along with your payment and submit it to me and I will upload you and your toad/s to the list.

This will then be uploaded onto our website for all to see.

Your Toad's details

Your details

    Toad's name Profile Sponsor
    SIR PRANCEALOT I am a famous Thespian from The Pond Theatre Company. My friend Everard (who not only seems like a nice boy – but is!) said “What a gay day” I replied shut that door, then he grabbed my hand and we skipped off the stage together and signed up for the Flying Toad Challenge! We are nothing if not bold love. Carol Barnes
    ALL THE GEAR & NO IDEA Always come prepared – got me goggles got me helmet, got me shorts, got me passport and got me starter for ten! No idea how to fly, trained with a bloke called Eddie the Eagle – no help whatsoever!! But I will give it a go! Graham Card
    WARTY WILD Warty is the lead singer of Warty and the Water Fleas. He does most of his gigs at the bottom of the canal near Ealing. He is said to be friends with Engelbert Hopperdink. Carol Barnes
    TOADIANNA HOPPEROFF Toadianna is a Russian ballerina toad, who considers herself to be the reason Rudolph Nureyev become famous. She said that one evening, she accidentally crawled into his codpiece and as she tried to wriggle out again, it surprised him so much that he jumped twice as high as usual – so he kept her in there! Carol Barnes
    TURKISH TOADY DELIGHT Real name Mustafa Swim and full of Eastern promise! Just like the confectionery named after me, I am brown on the outside, soft pink and squishy on the inside – come on girls come and take a nibble! Graham Card
    MAJESTIC PEG Friends call me Madge, I work down the arcade down Portsmouth way. I am gracefully slow when walking – but flying – now that’s a different matter. The crystal ball tells me I am bound to win so shove off Sir Reggie this one’s mine!! Graham Card
    BILLY BANDY KNEES Young cockney who’s a bit of a jack the lad. Often walks down the frog and toad to find an ocean pearl (girl) Carol Barnes
    BREXIT JOSEPHINE Personal aid to Theresa Toad. Always in a tizzy. “Am I in or am I out, up or down or side to side. All I know is the only thing good about Brussels is their sprouts! Although those French Frogs legs make me go all of a quiver! Ooh la la! Graham Card
    TOADILY UP FOR IT He’s mad, bad, mean and green. He says he will wipe the floor with the rest! Russell Barnes
    SIR REGINALD TOBLERONE “Top Hole” Sir Reggie here, high in the Swiss alps! If my skiing is anything to go by, the rest might as well concede right now! Let Reggie show you how it’s done – double muesli on challenge day!! Graham Card

50th Anniversary

Remembering 50 years of magic


The Catweazle 50th Anniversary day is a celebration and day of remembering 50 years of magic.

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Be sure to sponsor your Toad (give him or her a name and a fancy profile!), then see it displayed on the website.


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