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Latest News - As some of you will know, Gary Bowers, the man I started the club with, has tragically passed away. It is fair to say that without this huge fan of Catweazle, the club would not have happened because I wouldn't have got to know him through his website. Bonding over Catweazle was instant and we were both surprised by the amazing response we had from it. It just grew and grew. Then with the additions of our patrons etc. it exploded and it was hard to keep up with as I made all the membership stuff except the car stickers. So it was a bit hectic. We didn't know that it was going to get even bigger. We would have been happy with say 50 people joining to discuss the program etc. but that came and went quite soon!! We re now at 1657 members, from people all over the world. For a 51year old program that has not been televised for over 40years until recently, that is quite an achievement, but the really important thing was the fact that all those wonderful cast members that joined in the fun, were so delighted by it. They began to realise how much people loved them and what they and the series meant to us.

All this because I signed Gary's little visitor's book on his website, which had a domino effect over the next 20 years! Naturally, I will be sending a floral tribute to his funeral on the 4th of March on behalf of the club. I have chosen shades of oranges and browns to match Catweazle's habit!

Rest in Peace my Brother in Magic and my friend xxx

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