Catweazle’s Medieval Festival


Welcome to the page dedicated to the 50th anniversary event at Hexwood  – FURTHER UPDATE DEC. 2018

Hello Brothers and Sisters

Hi everyone,

I would just like to give everyone a quick update about the 50th anniversary. 

We have had a few disappointments which have knocked us back somewhat – BUT, determined and continuing to persevere, we think we have now got something together that we hope will result on a brilliant day!

We will put much more when the new website is uploaded as there will be a special page dedicated to it. But we already have some great acts and displays so things are looking much brighter and more settled now.

Let me start by saying that, after several months of assuming we would be having our special anniversary at Hexwood, I was informed last week that after discussions, Neil and Bug, did not want us to hold it there after all. To be fair to them, I suppose it was one day too many for them as they have other events there and that it was on a scale that they didn’t want to handle.
After receiving that blow, I enquired into hiring ground at Horsley Towers because there was a hotel there and it was very near all the filming areas. Well we needed to be there for the Friday, Saturday and clear up Sunday. The quote came back as £6000 A DAY!!!!! I kid you not.
I must admit I phoned them up and said that I thought the quote was outrageous and within no ones budget and that !!
However, once again I took to my computer for appropriate land to hire for events in Surrey. As we scrolled through the list, one stood out because it had facilities that we needed – water electric, two loos (although we will hire more) and a food kiosk. It has plenty of room for an arena an encampment etc. So we feel that the previous disappointments may have been a blessing in disguise because this gives us a lot more room and parking will not be a problem – also there is a lovely pub next door AND a Premier Inn 4 minutes away for people who will need to stay overnight. 
I have spoken to the manager and it seems ideal. So for the first time in a little while I am feeling confident that we  can and will be putting on a great event for Catweazle! I will be inspecting it next week for logistical and layout views etc. just for piece of mind. 
Now we WILL still need as much money as we can possibly gather, because although we have a certain amount at the moment, to be able to have a complete and full day plus hiring loos and a generator, barriers for the arena etc. We will need more that what we have. The new website will have a donation page and we urge people to do what they can. More about this will be on the website as will what the day will involve. Tickets may well be restricted (we hope not) but there is a strong possibility. So been warned that if you want to come, you will need to tell us as early as possible. More later.
I will visit the area and meet the manager next weekend and will report back here with more details of venue and dates.
Salmay Dalmay Adonay!