Catweazle’s Medieval Festival


Welcome to the page dedicated to the 50th anniversary event at Hexwood  – UPDATE OCT. 2018

Hello Brothers and Sisters

To all those that are following on the website, we have now decided to forget about Mark’s team of re-enactors. I have waited 2 months for an answer to my emails and as yet still haven’t had a reply. Our team has therefore decided to forget about this and do our own thing. It seems that the only people we can rely on is ourselves!

We have contacted as many donators as we have the email addresses for, that we are doing as we promised which is to offer to give their donations back because things are not as we planned and they have every right to take their donations back. Not a single ONE of our wonderful donators have said they want it back. They have been very generous and said ” please put it to the event at Hexwood or the club” This is so very heart warming. Things have been so quiet recently as we wait for updates and replies. We were wondering if we actually still had members who were still interested in the club. This wonderful reaction proves that not only are they still behind the club but are in a positive mood to help things along. A HUGE thankyou to you all and your generosity and commitment. This means that we have a budget so far of about £6000, which is fabulous. We will still continue to collect donations if people are willing to do so, in order to maximise the entertainment on the day. The go fund me page is
Things like portaloos, tables, chairs etc are not cheap and suck up quite a bit of funds, but we need to make the day comfortable and tidy for the sake of the farm as well as the attendees. So we will spend accordingly as we go along.

We envisage having a large marquee which is about £1000 – so you see what I mean. This is important because it will mean that things can be kept dry IF it rains. If it doesn’t rain we can add more decoration and exhibits inside and have the displays outside.

It will still be a medieval theme and the small committee will be holding a meeting soon to thrash out ideas and what we would like to see there. All ideas are welcome and if anyone out there are seamstresses, or carpenters or artists etc. and would like to lend a hand PLEASE get in touch.

We would love to decorate the marquee in medieval flags, banners shields etc. Any we produce ourselves will save money. If anyone has any costume display cases that they could get to Hexwood would be very much appreciated. If it can be protected I will bring Catweazle’s costume, wig, whiskers, shoes etc and of course Adamcos. 

Please send us your ideas of how to celebrate and pay tribute to this wonderful series. We may well hire a big tv screen to show the episodes during the day. Other ideas are

fighting knights, birds of prey, archery displays and have a go at it. If allowed in the farms paddock maybe knights on horse back. minstrels jesters and the like. It’s all up for discussion and down to funds. The more funds, the more acts obviously. Anyone who donates £20 and above will automatically be given a complimentary invite to the event. But we will have to start making decisions fairly soon in order to secure acts etc for 2020. These people get booked up a long way in advance.

Graham has given the idea of releasing a balloon for each person at the end of the evening to commemorate our departed friends. We don’t want to release a lot because although these balloons are of the biodegradable sort, they still take a little time to disintegrate and we don’t want to litter the countryside with small pieces of balloon. this will not be a balloon race, just a tribute and I think it’s a super idea. We will possibly get them printed if we can with a suitable message on them. Ideas such as this are great to hear. We could also have floating candles on watter during the day as a tribute to Catweazle himself and how he came to us.

The bust we hope will also be present at the event. so that anyone who hasn’t been to see it, will get to see it up close.

So get your thinking caps on if you do think of anything or have any ideas on either te medieval side or of course on the what to have and display as tribute to all the people connected to and Catweazle itself.

More updates as things progress!